Why do you need my credit card information?

Just like with a live auction, we must verify that you provide us with valid information. Your credit card information is kept secure; we do not share this information. We will run a validation- we do not charge your card. Once your credit/debit card is validated, we will then grant your account permission to begin bidding. In the event that you are a winning bidder, you can authorize the payment through the pre-submitted card and complete the transaction.

Do I have to pay any fees to participate in an Online Auction?

No, you are not charged any fees to participate. However, to register to bid, you will have to provide credit card information so we can run the listed authorization amount.

What is the Buyer’s Premium?

In auctions, the buyer’s premium is a charge in addition to the hammer price (i.e. the winning bid announced) of an auction item. The winning bidder is required to pay both the hammer price and the percentage of that price called for by the buyer’s premium. This becomes the actual price that the buyer is charged for the item when checking out. There is 12% Buyer’s Premium in effect for our auctions.

Do I need to register for each Online Auction?

No. Once you have registered with us your account will remain active. You would only need to log in with your User Name and Password that was created during the registration process.

What if I get outbid just before the lot closes?

Our online only auctions are set to “soft close.” This means that if someone bids in the last 5 minutes before the items closes the bidding will be extended by 5 minutes so you will be have additional time to place another competing bid, just as you would at an auction in person.
Note: You would have to be viewing the auction item as it’s closing to notice this.

What is soft close?

Our online auctions are set to “soft close.” This means that you will be given an additional amount or predetermined time to place another competing bid, just as you would at an auction in person. This time frame will be 5 minutes. If a bid is placed within 5 minutes before the auction closing time of that item, the closing time of the auction will automatically extend by 5 minutes to accept bids from when the last bid was placed. This allows all participants to have an equal and fair chance of competitive bidding, just as they would at an auction taking place in person.

“Your Bid” vs. “Your Maximum Bid”

By placing your maximum bid, the system will automatically place bid increments for you, in pre-determined (see auction terms) amounts. This will increase your bid if your original bid is out bid by another bidder. This speeds up the auction process, and assists you with your bidding. If another bidder bids higher than your maximum bid, the system will stop increasing your bids, and you will have to increase your maximum bid amount in order to continue competitive bidding.

How does my Max. Bid work?

A&S automatic bidding system is provided to the current high bidder in an auction listing. Through the system, Auction & Sale will bid automatically on behalf of the high bidder against underbidders. This allows bidders to bid very high while at the same time ensuring that they never pay more than the absolute minimum needed to beat the next highest bidder.
Here’s how it works:
To use automatic bidding, bid the absolute maximum that you’re willing to pay.
If the maximum you entered is higher than the bids entered by anyone else so far, you become the new high bidder. A&S “bids up” the auction on your behalf until the current bid is a small increment above your closest competitor’s highest bid, but no higher.
If your maximum bid is not the highest bid entered so far, Auction & Sale registers your bid but continues to bid on behalf of the high bidder, automatically outbidding you by one bid increment and no higher. They remain the high bidder.
A&S continues to automatically bid on behalf of whoever is the highest bidder at the moment, up to and including their maximum, until auction time runs out.

Can I pay less than my maximum bid if I win?

When you win an auction you always actually pay only a small amount more than the next highest bid—even if your bid was thousands of dollars more.

Can I cancel an unwanted bid?

No, bids cannot be cancelled once they have been placed. By placing a bid you are entering into a binding contract. There are no refunds or bid cancellations. The registered bidder is personally responsible, legally and financially, for all auction items bid upon, whether representing one’s self or acting as an agent. An online bid accepted at public auction is a legal and binding contract to purchase. Any bidder who fails to consummate a purchase will be banned from bidding at all future seller auction events and may be pursued for civil and/or criminal violations.


When you log in and view the “My account/Bids Won” that should show your winning bids. You will receive an email from Auction & Sale that will confirm items won.

I registered for the website, but why can’t I place a bid?

Auction & Sale must first clear your account and authorize you to bid. This process can take up to one full business day. If you have not heard from a member of our team within this time frame, please give our office a call and we will be happy to look into your account.

What happens if I don’t pick up the auction item within 7 days?

All items must be picked up within 7 days of the auction removal date. After 7 days your item is considered as abandoned property and it is no longer available for pick up. Items, that do not get picked within 7 days, are subject to a relisting fee of 35% of the auction lot price plus 12% buyer’s premium. If your invoice has already been paid, the remainder will be refunded back to the card on file within 24 to 48 hours.

Is there a penalty if I don’t make payment in time?

All items won must be paid for within 24 hours. After 48 hours your transaction will be aborted and all items that do not get paid will be delisted. In these cases a relisting fee will be applied. The fee is 35% of the auction lot price plus the 12% buyers premium.

Do I need an appointment to pick up my auction item? How to book an appointment?

Yes, you need to book a pick-up appointment to collect your auction item. Please note we can’t serve walk-ins. We are able to serve only pre-booked appointments. You can easily book an appointment once you complete your payment.

What do the condition notes mean?

New: unopened packaging brand new item
Open box: the packaging has been opened for inspection item is unused
Open box, minor cosmetic issue: the packaging has been opened for inspection the item unused but has a small crack/scratches
Open box, major cosmetic issue: the packaging has been opened for inspection the item is unused but has damage(s)
Like new: item might’ve been used, still in great condition no signs of wear
Used, minor wear: item has been used once or twice Used, fair condition- item has been used still fully functional
Used, poor condition: item is used functionality can’t be determined
Not tested for functionality: item has been inspected by the look, hasn’t been plugged in for electrical inspection

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